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Go!Paint. We develop products that make your work as a professional painter easier, more efficient and cleaner. Thanks to their ease of use, these innovative products have become an indispensable part of your standard equipment. Our mission is accomplish

TRAY 12 & 25
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With the Roll and Go Tray 12 or 25, you can easily complete any small painting job with a brush and roller. The sloped rolling surface ensures that the paint.....
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NoneThe Roll and Go XL is a stable paint tray with two compartments: one for rolling paint and another for your other materials. You take everything at once when you climb the ladder or...
BUCKET 18 & 25
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The Bucket 18 and 25 are sturdy paint trays with the characteristic sloped rolling surface. This size is suitable for all types of paint and varnish rollers of up to 18 / 25cm. No more splashes or...

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